Quantum and society: how the second quantum revolution is impacting you

Thank you for participating

Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion. In particular thanks again to our speakers.

Florian Unseld

Florian Unseld is a PhD candidate in the Vandersypen group at QuTech, researching quantum dots. He has given presentations at companies and universities. At the discussion evening, Florian will speak about quantum computing in general, discussing the differences to a regular computer and then turning to the fields of impact of quantum computing.

Frans van Lunteren

Frans van Lunteren is professor at Leiden University in the field of history of natural sciences. He will give a talk about the changing appreciation of subjects within physics, especially the shift of attention of subjects like quantum entanglement. In this talk we will learn to place the current developments of quantum mechanics in a more complete overview of the field, which will hopefully provide some insight into a more nuanced evaluation of the societal impact.

Bart Karstens

Dr. Bart Karstens is senior researcher digitalization at the Rathenau Institute in The Hague. He is currently involved in a research project about the societal impact of quantumtechnology 2.0. Quantumtechnology 2.0 raises a number of pressing issues concerning safety, geopolitics, transparency, explicability, innovation policy, justice and sustainability. In this talk these issues will be addressed. The audience will be challenged to reflect on the current deliberation process concerning these issues and consider a number of anticipatory policy options to seize opportunities and mitigate risks.

Make yourself at home

This idea started with a group of students who came together once a month to have friendly discussion with each other over a few beers. Every meeting, one of us prepared a talk or workshop. We gave each other workshops about job interviews and deep learning. We presented about coffee extraction, or the mathematics of riding the bus. It always proved a lot of fun to discuss a variety of topics in an informal setting. This is what we want to achieve here too; we are aiming for a living room feel. So, keep it casual, and bring some drinks and snacks!

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